About Pawrite Foods

Pawrite is a specialist dog food supplier in the Isle of Man. We are not just a retailer but are also dog owners with a long track record in owning training and competing with dogs in the field, our top gun dogs have even won field trials and reached championship levels.

We consider our dogs to be “Canine Athletes” when they are in the field, and we expect a lot from them in terms of energy stamina and strength. To ask this from your dog means you need to feed it and prepare it with the best food and nutrients.

Our food is NOT only for gundogs our pet dog is a Border Terrier and he loves this food as well.

Why choose Pawrite to supply my dog food?

In 2020 I relocated to the Isle of Man from the UK. My first experience of dog food in the Isle of Man was disappointing as it was expensive or not very good quality. For 10 years prior to this I have used a very high-quality meat supplier Albion Meat Products and found the quality in terms of meat ration protein content and the analytical constituents to be better than other suppliers.

I am delighted to bring the Albion Meat Products to the Isle of Man and I hope that you can share the same experience and delight of feeding my dogs the best. Whether they are agility dogs, farm dogs, high energy dogs or a small family pet I would recommend the raw food products giving your dog the best to eat and a variety of meats enables longer life, fitness and health and wellbeing.

New Product Range – VetSpec

Pawrite are delighted to bring VetSpec the UK premium dry dog food and dog supplements to the Island. Vetspec part of the Equine specialist Top Spec produces the highest quality of dry foods and supplements.

James Murphy
– Pawrite

We are happy to help call 07624 358720 or email help@pawrite.com

Quality and Value for Money

We are dog owners, we are pet owners, and we work our dogs. We’ve applied our decades of experience and knowledge to supply you with the best dog food at a competitive price on the Isle of Man

A Balanced Diet

Our balance of natural ingredients helps maintain the health and vitality of your dog. If you are thinking of switching your dog to raw feeding we have helpful guides on how to feed raw dog food and to ensure you get portions correct.

Pawrite Dog Food

At Pawrite we believe that feeding raw dog food, to working dogs and other carnivores, that is free from artificial colouring, fillers, preservatives, additives, grains or cereals, is not only healthier but also closer to their natural diet.

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